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10 Considerations for Choosing a Bridal Party: #3

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Consideration #3: Whose authority can you follow?

This consideration won’t apply to every person in your bridal party, but it is certainly important that it apply to at least one.  What you are looking for is a confidant who can help steer you away from stress and sin.  This relates to Consideration #2.

I haven’t personally known a bridezilla, but I don’t imagine those brides wake up in the morning planning to be a terror.  Instead, I imagine they allow stressors to accumulate, overwhelming them into behaving maniacally.  Even the best of brides can have freak out moments.

Fortunately, you have the Holy Spirit Who will help you handle difficulties with grace.  And you would be greatly blessed by having a trusted friend in your bridal party who can also help keep you accountable and encouraged.

In the moments of stress in your wedding planning and on your wedding day, whose voice will you allow to guide you back to focus on Christ and His glory?  Remember, having such a person is useless unless you are willing to follow her leading.

These moments of stress are probably not going to be dramatic failings or disasters at your wedding.  The stress I’m referring to is the subtle everyday tendencies of the flesh that can skew your perspective.  For some brides it will be the monumental task of people-pleasing, for others, the responsibility of keeping everyone on time.  For me, the stress came when I was tired.  Adrenaline kept me going, but every once in awhile, when there was a silent moment amid the busyness, I could feel how little sleep I had gotten for multiple nights before the wedding.

If you know what triggers your stress, you can ask your most trusted friend in your bridal party to look for those triggers.  Give her a plan of action when those triggers come.  Should she pray with you or for you?  Should she tell a joke or sing a song ?  Should she keep certain people away from you that day?

Her role is significant in the time leading up to your wedding as well. Think of how your bridesmaids will react to your choice of bridesmaid dresses, or how each bridesmaid gets along when they are together socially at your showers and bachelorette party.  Have a bridesmaid whose got your back, one whom you will listen to if she instructs you away from a trigger.

The people who come to mind to fill this precious role for you would likely make great bridesmaids.  Not all your bridesmaids have to be so intimately connected to you, but enough should that they can help you when you need it (and can also keep well-intentioned but ill-practiced other bridesmaids or family members from trying to help you).

Article was originally published on January 17, 2011.

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