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10 Considerations for Choosing A Bridal Party: # 1

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Like most aspects of wedding planning, choosing your bridesmaids is so much fun but can also be veiled with stress. As much as we wish we could simply choose from our hearts, there are “political” and logistical realities that can seem limiting in our selections. And because we care about these women, we care about how those limitations would affect them.

Of course, the joy of having bridesmaids is the mutual love, support, and delight between you and them during your planning, your wedding, and your marriage!

Whether you have been dreaming about your wedding since the days of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty or you are mapping it out for the first time, choose your bridal party slowly and intentionally if you decide to have one. This is such a special time, one when perspective and planning make a significant impact.

As with all wedding planning, the very first step you should take in choosing your bridal party is prayer. I keep thinking back to the first bridal party I was ever in. Because I was such a wreck at the time, there was very little about my presence in my friend’s wedding that benefited the bride; God knew, however, that it would transform me. Without His prompting, I cannot see any logical reason why my friend would have asked me to be a bridesmaid. God is so good like that; He exceeds our expectations when we give Him the reins.

You have only a fraction of an idea of how God wants to use your wedding in people’s lives, particularly in the lives of those women who will be standing closest to you (literally and figuratively) on your wedding day. You also have little notion as to how these women will impact your life and your marriage.  God does, however, and you bring delight to Him when you ask Him His will.

Ask God whom He would choose for your bridal party. With the Spirit guiding your selection process, here are ten considerations that can help point you in the direction of the perfect bridal party:

Consideration #1: What are your wedding purposes?

Why are you having the wedding you are having? Why are you having a bridal party? Do equity, family reconciliation, cultural standards, transformational relationships, symmetry, simplicity, political correctness, fear of offending, reciprocation, budget restraints, and/or intimacy play a role in your choice of bridesmaids?

Your answers will help guide you towards the people who would be great in your bridal party. If your wedding is meant to honor the most intimate relationships in your life, you would choose your one or two dearest siblings or friends. If your purpose is to simplify the financial burdens and the logistics of the wedding planning, you might opt for only a Maid of Honor and Best Man.

Chris and I wanted to emphasize the significance of those whom God had used to transform us in our relationship with Him as well as with each other. To us, the quantity of the bridal party was less important than the purpose.

Some bridal parties are all family members; others are comprised of only one person from each life stage; some have unlimited people of importance.  There is no right or wrong answer.  What fits with your wedding purposes?

Stay tuned for Considerations 2-10.

Article was originally published on January 10, 2011.

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