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10 Considerations for Choosing A Bridal Party: # 2

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Consideration #2: Who can offer you spiritual and emotional support?

Weddings provoke heightened emotions, both positive and negative. Having someone you can lean on when those emotions are yours or when they are directed at you can protect and enhance the joy of your wedding day.

Between your unique blend of family dynamics, your goals and expectations for the day, your inevitable tiredness from feeling giddy the night before, and your adrenaline from the monumental transition that is happening that day, your spirit and emotions could possibly be bouncing up and down. It helps to have someone by your side who will listen to your joys, your awe, and your anticipation, as well as your anxieties or disappointments.

And when something does not go according to plan, you want someone who can help you take it in stride and enjoy the adventure.

Our pastor came twenty minutes late to the wedding, but neither Chris nor I even knew. Our bridal parties and wedding planner were so great about keeping us in the moment and handling the details that we never had to look at a clock that whole day. It was such a relief!

You need that same kind of advocate who will take care of details for you, who will engage in the moment with you, and most importantly, who will be praying for you throughout the day.

When you consider people for your bridal party, consider whom you can lean on? Who is good about celebrating with you and for you? Who is able to keep a good perspective? Those are the women you want in the bridal room with you, at the altar with you, and on the dance floor with you.

Photo © John Yao, SimplyTwo Photography, featuring Jade and Keke’s wedding

Article was originally published on January 14, 2011

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