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10 Reasons for the Christian Bride To Marry a Christian Man: Reason 6

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Reason 6: 100/100

If you ask 20 people off the streets what the fairest percentage of commitment is that two people could give in a relationship, your overwhelming response would probably be 50/50.  That’s the only logical division that indicates mutual commitment to a relationship, right?

But what if each spouse in a marriage gave 100%?  What would that look like?  What would have to be in place to make sure that if either person were giving everything to his or her spouse, he or she would be poured back into with everything by his or her spouse? 

We would have to tackle three pivotal reasons why people do not love completely and unconditionally: 1) Fear of not receiving what is necessary for thriving, let alone for surviving, 2) Greed that feeds the lie that the person giving deserves more than the person receiving, 3) Pride that limits the giver’s capacity for how he or she is willing to show love.

Let’s look at how Jesus loved.  He never feared that he would lack sleep or food; He never feared that He would lack time with His friends or time with His Lord; and He never feared that He would lack opportunity or freedom to fulfill His purpose.  He never even feared that loving His enemies would end up taking His own life.  He loved to the end, and it did cost Him everything, and yet, He is now at the right hand of the Father.

Jesus was the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords who deserved all the glory in the world, yet He spent time with the dirtiest and foulest of sinners whom other righteous men had deemed unworthy of love, favor, honor, or respect.  He was not greedy with His glory, with His time, with His provisions, or with His wisdom.  He gave all that He had, and gave it especially to those who others felt did not deserve it.

Jesus could have decided to love sinners in ways that were appropriate for His title as King and Rabbi.  But He didn’t!  He was revolutionary in the ways that He loved:  He washed the feet of His disciples, one of the lowliest acts of service that He could have done.  He rejected His right to stone an adulterer in order to show love to her.  He wore the crown of thorns and endured the mockery of the soldiers to show all of us love, even though He was King and could have condemned them all to death!

The only way that we can commit 100% of ourselves to our spouse is by leaning on the strength of Christ to love through us and for us.  We need to trust that any love our spouse lacks in giving us, Christ can bountifully supply.  It is Christ Who ultimately fulfills us; it is not our spouse.

Think of your fiancé’s strengths and how they benefit you.  Praise the Lord for them! Now think of your fiancé’s weaknesses and all the ways that you want and need those to change.  You as a person, and even as his fiancée, cannot change him.  But imagine the glory in your relationship as Christ changes Him according to how and when God knows is best.  Don’t you want that redeemed heart to love you and that amplified strength to support you? 

We can do all things—even commit to a relationship 100% when it seems like we aren’t receiving 100% from our significant other—through Christ’s strength and through His love.  Without Christ, a 100/100 relationship would be what we call “co-dependent.”  Those usually end with a devastating loss of self and trust.  But if both people are giving 100% through Christ’s love and power, that relationship is called a holy marriage covenant!

When Paul tells husbands in Ephesians 5 to love their wives as Christ loved the church, he means with 100% of what they have to give.  And his reciprocal command for wives to submit to their husbands as unto Christ also means for us wives to give 100% of what we have to our husbands.  We just need to remember that through Christ, we have all the glorious inheritance of heaven already given to us.  We have the fruit of the Spirit.  We have the very Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.  We can give far more than we can fathom with the help of Jesus Christ alive in our marriages!

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