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If God gave you $26,000 and said, “Be a good steward of this money,” what would you do with it?  We’ve seen a similar situation in the literal meaning of the parable of the talents.  The talent of one steward was multiplied tenfold and of another five-fold because of their shrewd accounting.

Eventually, even well invested money needs to be spent, however, for it to fulfill its value.  What would you spend $26,000 on if it were freely given to you?  On charities that help give clean water, roofs, blankets, meals, adoptions, or Bibles?  Maybe paying down debt from a student loan or a bad business decision?  Perhaps someone close to you might have medical bills, and $26,000 will cover the cost of their care?  Or if you had $26,000, maybe could you finally buy that car you needed to be able to take that job you wanted?  Would you perhaps take your family on a long-awaited vacation, marveling together at the scenes that God has created all over the world?

$26,000 is roughly the average cost of weddings in America in 2010 and 2011 according to The Wedding Report.  The point of asking the above questions is simply to gain perspective on the cost of a wedding.  It’s not an attempt to guilt or shame anyone.

Many of us approach our wedding days from the perspective that weddings are the culmination of 20 or 30 or 40 years of dreaming.  They are the much deserved prizes after enduring through waiting and planning.  Not only are they dreams fulfilled, an ending of sorts to a life of hoping, but also they are the commencements of the rest of our lives.  They are the ceremonious beginnings of our marriages.  Since our marriages are worth the rest of our lives, why shouldn’t our weddings be given everything we’ve got?

There is certainly truth in this angle.  We probably all wish God would will an extravagant wedding for us, but the truth is, for some He truly does.  He uses extravagance to reach extravagant people.  He uses lavishness to demonstrate His lavish love for us.  He uses details to remind us that He knows every detail and that they matter to Him.

Conversely, God can use minimal as much as He can use extravagant, so we need not feel entitled to abundance.  God delights in His children being fed, clothed, housed, and loved more than He is pleased with pageantry.  It can seem so foolish to buy a $5,000 wedding gown for 1 day of donning and a $10,000 band for 6 hours.  It can feel like a waste to ship in a couture cake that people leave before eating or importing exotic flowers that will end up hoarded in our homes or left at the site.  Why is it that we feel it is okay with spending so much on a great day for ourselves?

If you have a God-glorifying answer, then you rock it.  Have that wedding of your dreams.  Bless your guests with your abundance.  Honor God in your diligence with details.  Express the desires of your heart, and do it all for the glory of God.

If you have doubts about a high budget, wait on the Lord and petition Him for His guidance.  Ask Him what it means for you to be a good steward of that $26,000 (or however much your budget is), especially when it includes money that might belong to your parents or other donating parties.  What if they have expectations that come with their dollars?  What if those expectations clash with God’s?  Be prepared for God to simplify your wedding down to the intimate, core details.  Ask Him to be creative with what you have to offer.  He can do wondrous miracles with meager resources.

Regardless of your budget size, don’t spend blindly.  Have a spiritual accounting for your expenditures.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by a frenzy of financial thinking points, consider the joy that comes in stirring up big questions to put before our big God.  He truly knows what would bless Him.  He truly knows what is best for you.  He is a God who hears our requests and answers.

By Lindsay

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