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3R’s for Your Wedding: Recycle

by admin on December 20, 2011 in Attire, Flowers, Invitations, Logistics, Programs with No Comments

Recycling is so cool.  I know it’s one of those “should do’s” that we were ingrained to obey since we were kids, but beyond soda bottles and pickle jars, recycling has so much artistry in it.  Taking one thing, breaking it down, and recreating it to be used again, often in a different function from its original, opens the door for endless creativity and resourcefulness.

My mom is the queen of recycled art.  She takes papers, yarn, wrapping paper, packing materials, and endless other items, then she cuts them, blends them, dyes them, and glues them.  Somehow she creates frameable artwork that doesn’t even hint at being yesterday’s discarded debris.

On a grander scale, recycling reminds me of how God takes our used selves and does a tweak here and a refining here, and all of a sudden, we are a new creation with new purpose.  The same materials as our old selves, but recreated to function as new.

Recycling is certainly cousin to reusing, but the difference in my mind is that recycling involves breaking down old materials to create new objects.  Reusing keeps the object the same but gives it a second use or a dual function.

In terms of breaking down the form of an object and either recreating it (as in recycled paper) or refashioning a new object (as in a purse made from seat belts), how can you recycle at your wedding?  Reply to the post with your ideas.  Below are several ways that I have seen done, heard of, or read about:

1) Find an organization like The Flower Power Foundation that will take your wedding  flowers, break down your arrangements (if necessary), and refashion them to be a floral gift to patients in hospitals and to other people who could use some beauty and cheer.

2) If you so dare, you could cut up your wedding gown and make beautiful throw pillows that would serve as sentimental memorabilia perhaps more than a gown stored in a box would.

3) So much money goes into designing, ordering ,and mailing your invitations and programs, yet once they have served their purpose, they are are discarded without a second thought.  My mother-in-law’s friend cut up Chris and my program and invitation, and she rearranged the elements into a collage that she laminated and gave to my mother-in-law as a bookmark.  Every time she reads a book with that bookmark in it, she thinks of Chris and me (and of the wedding), and she prays for our marriage.  She has also passed this gift on to her friends whose children have recently been married.

4) Recycling bottles, plastics, papers, etc. in the traditional sense sort of goes without saying.

5) If you are looking for a wedding gift to give your husband, you can consider cutting up his old t-shirts that you hoped he would get rid of anyway (probably with permission if you want him to appreciate your gift).  After cutting the back picture or slogan of each shirt into equal-sized squares, sew them together to make the face of a quilt.  You can then sew the quilted squares to a flannel blanket, so his t-shirts will be highly functional, still cherished and in his life, yet not taking up space in your dresser.

By Lindsay

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