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A Day and A Way to Serve

by admin on November 25, 2011 in Faith, Logistics with No Comments

How beautiful is the heart of one who serves!

Gary Thomas mentions in his book Sacred Pathways a college man who was engaged to be married.  This man had remarked that with the 160 days until his wedding, he would find 160 ways to serve someone.  Rather than counting down to his wedding with self-focused anticipation, he used his wedding calendar as a discipline and an opportunity to keep his focus on the needs of others.

What a way to mark the wedding countdown!

As a bride, it was difficult for me to keep my focus off of myself during this time.  I don’t mean that there isn’t a time for reflection and a time to savor what it is to be a bride; I mean in that it’s easy to slip into indulgence, pride, entitlement, greed and control.  It’s easy to let the focus of the planning shift from glorifying Jesus to glorifying the self.

If you struggle with this also, one of the best ways to keep your eyes on Jesus is to stay alert to the needs of others, for Jesus’ heart is close to the needy and poor in spirit.    Who around you needs some help, some encouragement, some grace, some food, or some hope?  Are there people you drive past each day to work who would welcome some kindness or provision?  Or close to home, are your parents and siblings going through difficult times, or is there a way that you can bless your fiancé?  Maybe you can pray for one of your guests each day.

No matter the simplicity or complexity of your charity, you can reap joy by using each day until your wedding as a way to serve someone.  You might change people’s lives by being the hands of Jesus in their time of need.

By Lindsay

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