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A New Year, A New Hour

by admin on January 1, 2013 in Faith with No Comments

New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because it marks a fresh start.  So much of who Christ is is wrapped up in the idea of a new identity, a new purpose, and a new life.  Especially riding on the coattails of Christmas, New Year’s Day reminds me of Christ’s transformative power in my life.

I’m not one to set goals I can’t keep, so I don’t entertain the post New Year’s disappointment.  Something I do love to do, however, is to ask God, “What do You want this year to be about?”   When I am faithful to listen, He is faithful to speak.  Having a theme for the new year, one that is given by God, helps to bring a focus and a purpose to what I do.  It also helps me to process what God is doing through the circumstances and opportunities that arise.

All that to say, I love New Year’s Day.  It’s a fresh start with clear purpose.

What about you?  Do you crave the new beginning that New Year’s brings?  Sure, it’s somewhat arbitrary in the sense that nothing other than the year changes on that designated midnight.  Job is the same.  Marriage is the same.  Bills are the same.   Nonetheless, it is an anticipated date at which one can look forward to hoping for change.

The other aspect of New Year’s Day that I love is the reminder that any day can be a new beginning.  Any hour, for that matter, can be a fresh start.  In marriage in particular, believing that each hour holds the promise of being a better person can bring the hope that sustains a couple through tough or dull times.

God can change anything.  A bad habit in a spouse is not a permanent flaw.  A dead-end argument does not seal a divisive dynamic in the marriage.  Mourning will eventually turn to dancing again.  Whether improving oneself or hoping for God’s work in one’s spouse, each hour is a new opportunity.  We never know which hour the Lord will use to turn our hearts to Him.

Celebrate a new year today!  I encourage you to reflect on the past year and talk with God about how He wants you to be intentional for this year.  And then savor that conversation by repeating it each hour (literally or figuratively) so your fresh start can be alive in your life and marriage every day.

Praise the Lord for the life we are given!

By Lindsay

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