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A Personalized Gift Box

by admin on January 3, 2012 in Bridal Party, Family with No Comments

Coming into a family is usually a delicate process.  Hopefully your journey of joining your husband’s family (and vice-versa) is going smoothly.  Regardless of the ease or difficulty, the more the family knows you, the further along in the journey you go, so making yourself available to be known is half the battle.

This Christmas, I saw a bride give a box full of wrapped items to her soon-to-be sister-in-law.  The sister-in-law opened the first package with care.  Shaving cream. Well that caught her off guard.

“You’ll see,’ said the bride, ‘that each item in there is something that I love.  They are random things, but they are all things that are my favorites.  I wanted to share what I love with you.”

After the shaving cream was some leave-in conditioner, some perfume, some lotion, and other products that the bride had come to favor over time.  The sister-in-law loved receiving a personalized (albeit unpredictable) gift from someone she was continually getting to know.

If it’s appropriate for you to package up some of your favorites to give as a “joining the family” gift, consider what you love that might bless your soon-to-be family members.  If one is a cook, give her your favorite recipes, package of cookies, or restaurant gift certificate.  If one is a relaxer, give her your favorite lotions, candles, and mellow music.  If one is an athlete, giver her a mug of your favorite sports team, tickets to a local sporting event (of your favorite sport), or your favorite sports movie DVD.  If one’s favorite color is green, give her a basil plant, a green scarf, and a bottle of Martinelli’s cider (green bottle).

Be creative.  As much as it is a gift for them based on things they will enjoy, it is also a conversation about who you are and what you have in common with them.

By Lindsay

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