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A Weekend to Remember

by admin on May 3, 2012 in Pre-Marital Counseling, Relationship with No Comments

Have you ever spent a weekend on your marriage?  Not just a honeymoon or a vacation, though those times of romance and adventure are great, but I mean really invest in working on your marriage.

If your answer is no, I want to recommend going to a marriage conference.  Go to one that is rooted in the Bible, that gives you directed conversations with your spouse and forums for those conversations, and also that allows for a date or some free time to break from the “work” and just “be” together.

Last weekend, Chris and I went to Weekend to Remember, which is a marriage conference hosted by FamilyLife.  Knowing that FamilyLife is extremely Biblical and reputable, we felt comfortable absorbing ourselves in the conference’s teaching.

Professional, engaging speakers weaved their own stories into the curriculum, creating a transparent, authentic demonstration of challenging Biblical principles and tools for marriage.  After the sessions, they offered projects for spouses to do together.  These projects were gold!  When else does a husband and wife talk about their communication, their oneness, their sex life, etc. without first having a fight to bring up the conversation?  It was intentional time when defenses were low to tackle tough issues for the sake of the marriage team.

Pre-married couples and newlyweds will be rocked with these pivotal marriage teachings.  Go to this conference!  The tools that you will learn are those which most couples have to learn the hard way (if they ever even learn them), not the kind that you readily absorb by simply observing other couples or skating your way through marriage.

There were also long-time married couples there, some of whom have rooted themselves in bad habits and experienced this teaching as if they were newlyweds, hearing it for the first time.  Others, especially parents, encountered familiar teaching with a new set of ears.  Some couples were there as a last resort for their broken marriage, and the speakers helped them adjust the curriculum to go as far as they were able to go with it.  No matter where you are on the marriage spectrum, there is something of value to be had at a marriage conference.

No matter how solid your relationship with God is and no matter how healthy your marriage is, none of us is invincible.  We all need fortification around our marriages.  We all need to sharpen our forgiveness tools.  We all need to check ourselves daily in order to keep sin from making a home in our marriage relationships.  It is worth the time and money to invest in your marriage, so check out a conference; you won’t regret it.

By Lindsay

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