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An Innovative Daddy-Daughter Dance

by admin on August 31, 2011 in Ceremony Traditions, Family, Purpose, Reception Traditions with No Comments

The dance between a father and his daughter, the bride, can be one of the most meaningful moments in a dad’s life and one of the most precious in a bride’s.  This beautiful dance has become an iconic wedding tradition, but for some of us, it is not possible to have this dance in the traditional sense. 

Fathers might be deceased, absent, or abroad, or perhaps a health problem for the father or for the bride might hinder a standing, live dance.  There are ways, however, to be creative with this dance whether playing a recording of a previous father-daughter dance, Skyping the father in for a dance like the Electric Slide where the bride and the father can dance individually but together to the same song, or any other means of bringing the essence of the dance to the wedding.

I recently attended a wedding where the father of the bride was in a wheelchair.  He did escort her down the aisle, but when it came time for the dances, she first danced with her uncle as one of the selected dances.  This was special for the bride because she got to dance standing, as she is used to, with a close member of her family, and the guests assumed that this was her way of creatively fulfilling the daddy-daughter dance element.

A couple songs later, however, the father took the dance floor.  The bride wheeled herself out in a chair of her own to meet him for a daddy-daughter dance in a format that he was able to do. 

Watching them spin their chairs together and wheel near one another brought tears to the guests eyes both because the daddy-daughter dance happened after all and also because neither the bride nor the father of the bride allowed their new normal to be a hindrance to their wedding desires. 

You too can work with what you have and can be creative with who and how you (and others) are in order to fulfill aspects of your wedding wishes that might otherwise be challenged.   When you hold on to your wedding purposes rather than to wedding traditions, the details of your wedding become far less square and more malleable to work outside-the-box.  These innovative decisions end up making some of the most meaningful memories.

By Lindsay

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