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Anointing with Oil

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Marrying someone means that you are choosing him over everyone else just as he has chosen you over everyone else!  You both become set apart from all others.

When you set something apart from the common use, you deem it holy.  We Christians are to live as set apart—in the world, not of the world—because we are made holy by Jesus’ blood.

Even before Jesus’ death and resurrection, God would set apart people for a purpose that others were not meant for.  A great example of this was when Samuel told David that God had chosen him to be king.  The way he demonstrated this was by anointing David with oil, thus setting him aside for holy purposes.

As married couples, we are set apart from other relationships because no other person will have access to our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits as the one we have chosen to be our best friend and helpmate through thick and thin.

I saw a bride and groom illustrate this for each other during their wedding ceremony by anointing one another with oil.  It was no surprise to me that husband and wife were to be set apart for each other, but seeing a couple vividly communicate this in their ceremony was a first for me, a profound first.

It conjured the memory of when I was baptized.  Knowing the way baptism had marked a change in my life, I was even more moved by the weight of their consecration.  They clearly knew the gravity of the decision they were making, which made me that much more overjoyed for their marriage.

This bride and groom had taken a very common Biblical act and uniquely applied it to the context of their wedding.  As you spend time in the Word, be aware of any sacrament, teaching, or illustration that resonates in your heart.  That just might become the basis for an element of your wedding ceremony.

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