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Blessed Stones

by admin on August 15, 2011 in Bridal Party, Gifts and Favors with No Comments

My husband was baptized in the Jordan River.  I had seen pictures of him halfway in the water waiting to be dunked.  Until I witnessed a friend be baptized there, however, I never considered how truly meaningful it is to be baptized in the Holy Land.  Of course anywhere that one is baptized is a holy experience; I certainly don’t mean to negate that.  But to be in the same place where John the Baptist earned his name and where Jesus Himself was baptized is an experience unlike any other.

Tradition offers that anything dunked in the Jordan River becomes holy.  Even mercenaries hired for holy wars would take advantage of this and would wade into the water in order to be consecrated for the purpose of holy war. 

When my friend went to Israel, she too took a trip to the Jordan River.  It wasn’t to be baptized, but it was to dip some stones in the water that would later be made into necklace pendants and given to her bridesmaids as her token of appreciation for being in her bridal party. 

The Spirit alone consecrates, not the Jordan River, not anointing oil, not any other tool for consecration.  But the Spirit can use all of those tools to set apart the common to the sacred.  Knowing who the true source of goodness is, I personally love symbols of peace, joy, protection, or blessing that point me to the Lord.

When my friend gave me a deep green stone pendant that had been dipped in the Jordan, I was blown away by how much foresight she had had to do this while she was on vacation well before her wedding.  She took the time to look ahead and see how she could bless people.

Now when I wear the necklace, I think of my friend and of her wedding.  I think of being at the Jordan River.  I think of the Holy Spirit Who descended like a dove onto the Son with whom the Father was well-pleased.  I think of that same Spirit living in me.   By my friend’s thoughtful gift and by the merciful Lord that it points me to, I am reminded that I am deeply loved.

You probably won’t have a chance to trek to Israel before your wedding, but where will you be going?  Or from right where you are, how can you think ahead to when you will be enjoying your wedding with your bridesmaids and will want to share with them your deepest gratitude and love for them?  You don’t have to bless your gifts by dipping them in holy water, but you can think of gifts that will bless your bridesmaids by your thoughtfulness.

By Lindsay

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