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Blessing Your Vendors

by admin on July 11, 2011 in Vendor with No Comments

Excellence in business is one of the perks of living in an multi-industry-driven city like Los Angeles.  If a business is not original or impeccable, it doesn’t survive.  The down-side to excellence in business, however,  is the entitlement that comes with the clientele.  Expecting integrity, professionalism, and high-quality product or service is a good thing, but when people start to demand perfection, they quickly lose perspective. 

Entitlement is one of the biggest weapons against the servant leadership that Christ modeled for us.  When we expect something because we deserve it (or even to a degree earned or paid for it), we miss the heart of Christ.  We deserve nothing but the punishment for sin.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to do excellent business with your wedding vendors; it means do it with the heart of Christ.

Definitely do your due diligence when hiring vendors.  Seek referrals from people you trust and ask vendors for references who can vouch for their quality.  Your wedding is a day that could do without other people’s flakiness or ineptitude.  And when you create your contract, feel free to ask them if they can bless you with deals or discounts or bonuses.  There is no harm in asking.  And when you have agreed to terms, you can expect to receive what you pay for, and you can hold your vendors accountable for what falls short of that.

Doing this with the heart of Christ, however, means considering your vendors as people who need Christ’s love, not as businesses.  Your terms, products, and services should all function in a business manner, but when it comes to actually dealing with the people doing the work you are paying for, look for their heart in the process.

They are people who may be trying to feed their children, who are grieving a heart-ache, who are learning a new craft, who are in the midst of family turmoil, or most significantly, who do not have a relationship with Christ.  What grace and courtesy would you show one of your friends or family?  If the opportunity arises, you can extend that same grace and courtesy to your wedding vendors.

For a job well done, you can tip them generously, you can write them a thank you note, you can write a testimonial for their marketing, you can send them a picture of your wedding, you can use their services for future events, or a whole other host of acts of kindness. 

For a job poorly done, you can still hold accountable by choosing to withhold gratuity, reporting to a supervisor, warning others of their poor service, or even asking for a refund if appropriate.  But don’t forget that these are people in a fallen world.  Even if they make massive mistakes that make your wedding horrible, you are still a daughter of the King who holds the Spirit of Christ in her heart.  How would you rectify an issue with someone you cared about?  Can you still offer the same communication, chivalry, and forgiveness to someone you hired?

During your wedding planning and ceremony, you can bless your vendors by your warmth, your honesty, and your courtesy.  Small gestures like offering them refreshments or a meal during the wedding day and like showing up on time to your  with them can make a big difference in how your vendor feels about working with you (which also means how the vendor feels about working with an ambassador for Christ).

Even though you are paying for their services and are contracted for a minimum quanity and quality, remembering to offer gratitude to your vendors, even though it is for the job they are supposed to do that you are “entitled” to receive, shows them the servant love of Christ.

By Lindsay

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