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Centerpiece Heights

by admin on July 25, 2011 in Ceremony Traditions, Flowers, Reception Traditions with No Comments

When you are choosing your centerpieces, one of the most important considerations is the height of the centerpiece.  The rule of thumb is to avoid blocking your guests’ eye-lines.

Having shorter centerpieces is the easiest way to circumvent any eye-line issues.  If having a cake stand, a traditional vase of flowers, floating candles, eclectic herb jars, bowls of fruit, or any other visual that sits under a foot tall looks great in your reception room, then I recommend opting for that choice.

Sometimes, however, your space warrants high centerpieces so as not to give the impression that your tables are being swallowed by a voluminous floor to ceiling gulf.  If this is the case, then be sure to make any width in the centerpiece higher than your guests’ eye-lines.  Anything between 1-3 feet off the table should either be thin, like a champagne glass shaped vase, or see through, like branches instead of leaves or petals.

Also, if there is heavy programming from one location in the room, then also keep in mind that the eye-line you are trying to preserve is not just that around the table, but also that towards the programming.  If a guest can’t see past the palm fronds at the table in front of him in order to see the maid of honor give the toast, then you’ve minimized that guest’s interest in staying engaged during the toasts.

The same rule of thumb applies even if your reception is standing-room only, though the preferable heights might shift slightly. 

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