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Centerpiece Photos

One of the easiest and most fun centerpieces you can do yourself is a photo display of you and your fiancé.  You can buy photo trees or frames at most keepsake stores, or you could hang them from a vase of branches or insert them into photo coasters.  It’s easy to be creative with photos because they are personal and dynamic in nature.

Photo displays give a casual feel, so if your wedding is formal, this idea would be better used at your rehearsal dinner or cocktail hour.

Your photos could be arranged randomly or you could categorize each table based on places you have gone together or experiences you have shared.  This is a perfect way to designate your tables if you are assigning tables to your guests.  “You are at the Santa Barbara table.”

Aside from being inexpensive, personal, and creative, this is also simple enough that you can delegate it to any of your trusted friends who has a creative gene.  Sharing some of your to-do’s can multiply your enjoyment of the process.

By Lindsay

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