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Hello SCB fans,

Thank you for your patience with me on my (very long) maternity leave.  Motherhood has been a joyful journey so far!

On that note, it is with both delight and sadness that I announce the end of my active authorship of The Sweet Christian Bride.  I will still post occasionally and I still welcome guest posts, but I will no longer be updating regularly.  Instead, I will keep diving fully into motherhood, and I will focus my writing ventures on Christian marriage.

Please feel free to use The Sweet Christian Bride’s archives to the fullest, as well as to download A Bride’s Devotional and purchase The Purposed Bride(makes a great bridal shower gift!) Also, check out Start Marriage Right and GrowthTrac for my articles on Christian marriage.

God bless your engagements and marriages!

By Lindsay
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    • Dunya says:

      So happy for you. Motherhood is a job in itself and one that could benefit tremendously with utmost focus. As such, I’m sure it’s a great move for you and your family. Hopefully I’ll see your writing somewhere again down the road. Good luck with your new change!