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Choosing a Venue

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Where to have your wedding is a major decision that will provide the framework for many of your other decisions.  Thus, securing a venue is typically an early decision in the wedding planning time line.

Although it’s a major decision, and often one of the first big hurdles to jump, try to look at it as a simple, three-tiered process of elimination.

Your venue choice is a major logistical decision that will influence and/or determine your wedding date, your remaining budget, your guest count, your food options, and many other details.   This brings us to Elimination Tier #1: Locations that don’t match your logistical criteria can be easily crossed off the list. Most of this work can be done online at sites like Here Comes the Guide or with a wedding location book.  (Check out Sifting through Venue Logistics for more information on this.)

Finding a venue is also very much a personality decision.  After narrowing down your venue options based on logistical requirements, you can start crossing off options by Elimination Tier #2: Locations that don’t suit your and your fiancé’s personalities. One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to determine this is to visit the site, talk with the staff, and gauge your visceral reaction.  I believe the best weddings are the ones in the personality of the bride and groom.  The venue is a primary place to reflect that.

But before the whole process of choosing a venue begins, as you are narrowing down locations, and after you have determined “the one,” you should be asking God what He thinks.  Choosing the venue is as much a spiritual decision as it is a logistical and personality one because only God truly knows what you will need, what He will need, and what plans He will carry out for His Kingdom at your wedding.

Just as many people experience God’s presence acutely in nature or as many older buildings hold a tangible presence of history, your location can palpably impact your guests’ experience, as well as your own, which makes it important enough to let God help you in the decision.  Elimination Tier #3:  Locations where God says no.

Understanding what God thinks about your venue—simplistically speaking—means asking Him in prayer and then listening to how He speaks to you through His Word, through His Spirit, and through His Body (people who can give you godly counsel).  He might tell you that it’s up to you or He might lead you to a particular choice and steer you away from others.

Wherever you choose to get married, make the decision together with your fiancé, so you can stand behind this major decision in oneness.

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