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Coffee Date: An Innovative Guest Favor

by admin on May 16, 2011 in Gifts and Favors with No Comments

So much can be said over a cup of coffee.  In sprawling cities like Los Angeles, Starbucks globalization has not just been due to necessary caffeine fixes but also to the desire to connect with people.  However far away from a friend you are, there is always a coffee shop in between.

My friends Kelly and Mike built a relationship over cups of coffee in the cozy Princeton coffee shop.  Between the long nights of studying and the full days of academia, hot, soothing caffeine along with engaging, personal conversations were welcomed and anticipated.

Their coffee dates eventually grew into an engagement.  When Mike and Kelly planned their wedding, they planned with their personalities and their story in mind.  Everything from using the chapel where they worshipped for the duration of their dating relationship to arranging a choir of (now adult) students that they had pastored in their past.  But my favorite piece of their planning was the guest favor.

Perched on each guest’s plate was a plum-sized bundle, tied with a bow, and marked with a note saying, “We first met over coffee.  We connected over coffee.  We fell in love over coffee.  When you go home, enjoy the same coffee that we have so enjoyed.”   As you can guess, and as was confirmed by the aroma of the bundle, inside was ground coffee. 

It was just enough for a cup, which meant that for them, it was an affordable favor to offer everyone.  But it was a special, personalized one cup, which meant for us guests, it was a further invitation to be a part of their relationship.

I don’t even drink coffee, yet I was deeply moved by the sentiment of their gift.  To this day, that coffee date that they gave me (even though I will never actually have it since I don’t drink coffee) was one of my favorite wedding favors that I have ever received. 

You and your fiancé have a story to share.  You have unique symbols that serve as reminders of your relationships.  Offering one of those symbols, be it coffee or something else, is a convenient way to give your guests meaningful favors.  Even if they are not practical in purpose, they are purposeful in sentiment.

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