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Couple Highlight: The Story of Emily and Adam

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I had the privilege of sitting down with Emily and Adam to hear about their wedding and marriage highlights.  See below for a sweet story of their God-centered relationship.


SCB: Emily and Adam, how you did you meet?

Emily: While we were students at UCLA, we met at a Stats Dept mixer. Soon after, I became a Christian and started attending his church. That’s when we really started to get to know one another.

Adam: I was a dashing 25 year old graduate student when Emily attended a stats department info session where I was present. We didn’t speak to each other that day but in the days/weeks that followed we kept running into each other on the commuter bus to campus and frequently struck up conversation. The day she really caught my eye though was when I first spotted her at my church and I decided the game was now on.


SCB: When did you know you were in love?

Emily: We were in a long distance relationship for a while but I would fly to LA to visit him every other weekend. One time he was dropping me off at LAX and I started crying hysterically. I just hated being away from him. I think that’s when I knew I was in love… and that love continues to grow each day. 🙂

Adam: Love is a nebulous thing to me, even more so now that I’m married. What I mean is that love is an ongoing process in my experience. I love Emily more and more each day.  What I thought was love last year seems immature and incomplete compared to how I feel about her today.


SCB: How have the people in your bridal party been influential in your life?

Emily: They’ve helped me become a more selfless and patient friend.

Adam: The guys in my bridal party are all men I respect and admire. They each have individual and unique qualities that have impacted me and made me a better person, friend, or husband. Although they are all different, the common trait within each of their characters is their loyalty to me and others as friends.


SCB: What was your favorite aspect of your wedding ceremony?

Emily: Walking down the aisle to Adam. He jokes that I walked down so fast as if I couldn’t wait to marry him. It was true! Some brides get emotional but I just remember being so incredibly excited to start a new journey with him.

Adam: My favorite part of the wedding ceremony was when Emily and I were able to kneel together in prayer and ask God for his wisdom and blessing on our marriage.


SCB: Favorite aspect of your reception?

Emily: Since a lot of our friends graduated from UCLA, we thought it’d be fun to hired the college mascots, Joe and Josephine Bruins. It was an unexpected and fun part of the reception (at least, I hope it was).

Adam: My favorite part of the reception was when Joe and Josephine Bruin came out of hibernation to dance and sing the UCLA fight song with all of their fellow bruins.


SCB: What is one highlight of being married?

Emily: Marriage has really taught me more about God’s character and my relationship with Him. Adam and I sin, but God is still merciful, gracious, and [quick] to forgive. My weaknesses are often balanced by Adam’s strengths (and vice versa) which makes me recognize God’s perfect design. Sometimes I sit back and think, Man, God really knows what he’s doing. He’s covered every detail of our marriage and designed it perfectly. God is good, and I really see that through my marriage.

Adam: Sex is great, but companionship is even better. The ability to be yourself, faults and all, and still know that you have a friend, supporter, and confidante who loves you no matter what is continually refreshing and encouraging.

Photos used with permission from Emily and Adam

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    • Emily says:

      I might be bias but… I really like this article?

    • Emily says:

      I might be bias but… I really like this article!