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If you were given $50, what would you do with it?  Save it?  Invest it?  Spend it?  Give it away?  Tithe on it?

What would your fiancé do with it?

If you don’t see eye to eye on financial matters, start the process now of getting on the same page.  How you view money underlies most aspects of your daily and long-term life because it is rooted in your value system and in your faith in God.

When Chris and I were engaged, the only true fights we had were over money.  He and I came from more or less opposing philosophies of money.  We were both fighting with our stakes in our own value system.

After taking a Crown Financial Bible Study course, however, our opinions were rooted in our mutual understanding of God’s Word.  God did a 180 degree turn in our hearts because, after that study, Chris and I were no longer trying to prove ourselves right.  Instead, we were trying to learn what Scripture said was right.

Having an authoritative third party (one that speaks Truth) to convict us of our errors was far more effective than having us try to convince each other where the other was wrong.

Clashing differences about money can rip a marriage apart, so do your due diligence to get both of you on God’s page.  When financial issues arise or when stressors weigh on your marriage, you can be sure that both of your financial feet are standing on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.

If you don’t know where to start on this journey, check out Crown Financial or Dave Ramsey to get Biblical resources regarding money and financial strategies.

By Lindsay

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