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Cut Costs with Carnations

by admin on January 10, 2012 in Flowers with No Comments

I never gave carnations any proper consideration for my wedding.  In fact, I believe I specified that under no circumstance was my florist allowed to use carnations.  They reminded me of the elementary school science experiments.  A flower so cheap that you could afford to put it in a jar of dye and make 4th of July-colored flowers without concerns of devaluing anything beautiful.

To my chagrin, however, I was perusing floral arrangements on a wedding website not to long ago, and the gorgeous vase that so perfectly centered the table was made from none other than carnations.  They were stunning!  While I’m still not a fan of the science project carnation (large flower carnations), I love the spray carnations (aka miniature carnations) that were unknown to me until recently.

Apparently I’m not alone in my eew-turned-aah view of carnations.  I laughed when I read Christina’s post on Intimate Weddings and found the exact same story.  Check out her post for some carnation pictures beautiful enough to change your view too.

The carnation is the January birth flower, and despite my dislike of the stand-alone carnation, it is beloved throughout many nations in the world.  It is often given at births, and it is even the flower—as tradition has it—that sprang up in the ground after being watered by Mary’s tears at the crucifixion of Jesus.

In terms of bouquets or centerpieces, carnations are sturdy and inexpensive.  They also come in a large variety of colors.  These reasons make carnations a fabulous DIY flower.  Being on a tighter budget can still result in stunning DIY bridal bouquets or DIY bridesmaid pomanders.

Check them out.  You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Photo © Ivan Vasilev

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