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D-I-Y A Cappella?

by admin on January 17, 2012 in Budget, Music, Reception Traditions with 1 Comment

When the money’s not flowing, we have to get creative.  Recently, a couple whose budget was very tight got creative with their music.  Hiring a band or a DJ is one of the larger chunks of the budget, so removing it from the equation freed up a lot of cash.

A wedding without music?

It wasn’t that this wedding lacked music entirely; it just didn’t pay for any.  At a reception, it’s easy to borrow a church organ or to have friends and family play guitar, violin, or piano.  The reception, however, demands a bit more creativity.  Music is one of the primary determining factors of whether the party will be good.  There is a party psychology, which rides on the ebb and flow of the tone, quality, energy, and familiarity of the music in the background and especially in the foreground.

This couple decided to have dancing at the end of the meal, after all the programming.  Using a computer, a speaker set, and a pre-made play-list, they managed to pull off a decent dance party at no cost.  Of course, if you decide to do this for your wedding, you must plan ahead for computer issues, play-list glitches, and song alternatives if the crowd is not responding well to your choice of selections.

Prior to the dancing, the couple announced to their guests that clinking glasses, the traditional cue for the bride and groom to kiss, would not be in effect that evening.  Instead, if a table wanted the bride and groom to kiss, every member from the table would have to stand and sing a song together.  Rather than eating in silence, save the music of silverware clinks and table chatter, they facilitated a “play list” of a cappella songs that varied depending on the ages and stages of people at the tables.  Of course, if you did this at your wedding, you would need to know your crowd well enough to anticipate active participation, but what an innovative idea that incorporates the guests and saves a boatload of money!

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