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Dirty Dancing

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“…I had the time of my life…”

The song cues the crowd to expect the iconic dance number from Dirty Dancingwhen Baby (Jennifer Grey) partners with Johnny (Patrick Swayze) for an epic dance, finally proving to Baby’s father that he can let his little girl be herself.

Sure enough, the groom dips his bride in a circle, holding on to her low back.  He spins her around so she is cradled in his arms.  Like in the movie, he takes his hand and traces from her cheek down her arm and side to where her other hand is waiting for him.  He clasps her hand and sends her out into a dramatic spin.

From there, the bride and groom perform a fully choreographed first dance.  The dance steps are, of course, modified to be appropriate for the bride and groom’s values, attire, and venue, but it still catches the spirit of the movie.

The guests cheer wildly, actively overcome with nostalgia.  Would they do the lift?  They all wonder in anticipation, holding strong their livelihood until the last measure of the song.  Though the bride and groom opt for a dip at the end of the song rather than the classic “Dirty Dancing lift,” the enduring cheers and clapping from their guests prove that this is far and away the best first dance that any of them have ever seen.

By Lindsay

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