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DIY Wedding Cakes

by admin on September 25, 2012 in Budget, Family, Reception Traditions with No Comments

Wedding cakes don’t have to break the bank.  In fact, you probably know many people in your immediate circle who are excellent bakers.  Sure, not everyone has an aunt who makes wedding cakes professionally, but think outside the box with me for a moment.

What kind of cake do you love eating when you go back home?  Did your mom or dad or sibling have a certain kind that they would always make?

Or what about extended family holidays?  Did your grandparent or aunt or uncle always bring their go-to cake?  My grandmother-in-law has an amazing recipe for a thin-layer yellow cake with fudge hiding between each layer.  It is ridiculously amazing, and the recipe has passed down to my mother-in-law and then to me.

What if you asked each friend or family member to make one of your favorite cakes, one that he or she is known for?  If they can double their recipe, you don’t need many people to donate cakes in order to feed your guest list.  Your guests will love the homemade taste!

At the wedding where I learned of this idea, the bride and groom had placed signs next to each cake that had a note with who the baker was and what kind of cake it was: “Sally’s favorite lemon-blueberry cake, baked with love by Aunt Jenny.”

Not only was the cake free to the bride and groom, but it gave a tangible and stress-less way for family to participate in the wedding.  As a guest, it was beautiful to see the family’s love and support for this couple in this simple (and delicious) cake bar.

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