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Do-It-Yourself Photo Booth

by admin on September 12, 2011 in Budget, Reception Traditions with No Comments

Photobooths are a great party trend because of the free-style documentation you will have of all your wedding guests.  Most photobooths, however, are very pricey.

An alternative to hiring a photobooth company is to create a do-it-yourself photobooth.  All you need is a backdrop, a light, a camera, and some props, if you so desire.

You can even have friends take shifts manning the station, or if it’s truly the sentiment that counts, you can leave several disposable cameras for your guests to manage on their own.

You’ll get the same free-style shots with less expense.  If you have an actual photographer take the pictures, you will have even better quality photographs than a photobooth would dispense.

Photo © Drbouz

By Lindsay

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