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Dr. Bronner Soap Favors

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The morning of your wedding will be a one-of-a kind pampering experience.  Whether you go to the salon or do your own hair and make-up, you will have an opportunity to nurture and highlight your natural beauty for the occasion of your wedding and the sake of your beloved fiancé.

Many brides begin this nurturing well before the wedding day by eating well, exercising frequently, and getting complete rest.  Skin care is another area where early preparations can pay off (last minute facials have been known for causing outbreaks because of their detoxifying effects).

As you choose your beauty products, I want to introduce you to Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-One!” line.  His products caught my eye because they are certified fair trade, which essentially means that those who are involved in the creation of his products are receiving the wages that they deserve.  The definition extends beyond that basic summary, but a key significance to buying Dr. Bronner’s products (or any fair trade products) is that you can confidently shop, knowing that you are not contributing to modern-day slavery but instead are contributing to the breaking of poverty cycles throughout the world.

In addition to being certified fair trade, his products also use certified organic raw materials such as olive oil from Palestine and Israel, coconut oil from Sri Lanka, hemp oil from North America, and palm oil from Ghana.  Dr. Bronner makes substantial efforts to run his business in other sustainable ways such as eco-friendly production.

Nurturing our beauty is a great act of discipline and stewardship when it’s done for God’s sake.  If you struggle with making your beauty about yourself, then being intentional about letting your beauty products benefit others can be very helpful in pulling you from that extreme into the balance of self-care as stewardship of the body that God has given you.

If you already have a set skin care regiment that works well for you, you might consider soaps from Dr. Bronner for your bridesmaids as a token of thanks.  Not only would you be offering them pampering tools for the nurturing of their beauty, but you would also be spreading the word about conscientious consumption.

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