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Entrust and Release

by admin on June 15, 2011 in Faith, Purpose with 2 Comments

One of the easiest ways to lose focus on Jesus during wedding planning is harboring anxiety that something will go wrong.  It makes sense; with all the planning, time, and expense a bride pours into her wedding, she wants it all to be worth something.  There is a fine line, however, that separates a pursuit of excellence from anxious control.  One pleases the Lord, the other steals His opportunity to be glorified.

When we pursue excellence in our endeavors, we use our God-given talents and strengths at full capacity and we reflect the perfection of God in the process and the result.  When we begin to control things with anxiety about their failure, however, we shift the process from one of glorifying God to one of trying to be God.

God multiplied two fish and five loaves to feed over five thousand people.  He told the earth when to rain and the waves when to calm.  He even used trecherous rulers and belligerent people to bring about His plan of glory.  All this is in Scripture for us to read and hold onto as hope for how He will redeem and empower our lives.

He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, so as you plan your wedding, He is still the Master Planner, the One who blesses and gives eternal purpose to your earthly endeavors.  He knows your deadlines, your resources, and your intentions.  Do you trust Him with your wedding?

When you delegate a task to someone, will you pray for God’s management of that person and that task?  When you approach a deadline, will you ask God to stretch the minutes and multiply the impact of your efforts?  When you wake up on your wedding morning, will you petition God to use every single details of your wedding for good, even those that might appear faulty?

If you believe that God cares about your wedding, hears your prayers, and answers them, and if you believe that God’s ways are greater than your ways, then you can entrust to Him that which is most precious to you.  Entrusting is the choice that you make, and releasing is the response you offer to the choice.

Release your delegating; don’t micro-manage.  Release your time-table; don’t stress.  Release your expectations; don’t fret. 

Seek God’s will, do everything you can in mind, body, and spirit to obey God and to glorify Him, and when you know there is nothing more you can do, entrust to Him and release the outcome.  This is how you will fully enjoy the fruits of your labor in wedding planning.

Photo © Justin Ulmer, SevenApples, featuring Lindsey and Kalen’s wedding

By Lindsay

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