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Ethnic Toast

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I love when brides and grooms tie in a cultural family tradition to their wedding celebrations because it serves as a reminder that the bride and groom are products of the families who raised them; a marriage is a joining of families and all the heritage and traditions that go into that.

The caveat, of course, is that many different cultures’ traditions are expressed in different languages, which can be isolating to guests who do not speak that language.

At a wedding with a Serbian heritage in the bride’s family, there was a toast sung the night before the wedding at the family welcome party.  There were lyrics on each table, and underneath the lyrics was the phonetic pronunciation of those words so everyone could follow.  Several members from the bride’s family introduced the toast with a story of the family’s tradition, so the guests knew the meaning and significance of this particular song.

The next day at the wedding, the toast was repeated.  Once again, the lyrics were placed as part of the table decorations so that each guest could follow.  The crowd who had practiced the night before was able to join with the family in carrying the guests through this new song.  It was a beautiful toast!

Photo by me.

By Lindsay

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