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God’s Version of Marriage

by admin on September 5, 2011 in Sermon with No Comments

At this wedding full of lawyers, the pastor, Eric Torrence, begins his homily with reference to the California legal code.  “Marriage is a contract between….”

Utterly unromantic.  Everyone scoffs at the dryness of this definition, as does the pastor.  He acknowledges the truth in it but then brings the bride and the groom, as well as the congregation, beyond that bare-boned description of marriage to the fullness of what God intended.

In Genesis 2, God sees that of all His perfect creation, the only thing that is not good is that Adam is alone.  Adam is created in God’s image, but God is relational, thus, so is Adam.  God splendidly creates Eve to be Adam’s partner and helpmate.   The first marriage is born. 

As a relationship so holy that it is to echo the harmony of God’s triune goodness, it is captivating, says Torrence, that God allows this relationship to be between a man and a woman, two sinful, imperfect humans.  Yet the beauty of the two imperfect humans joining in a relationship of perfect, holy origin and purpose is the refinery for God’s glory that is created.

The pastor laughs light-heartedly, pointing out that no other relationship will serve as such a mirror to reflect our weaknesses.  And even better, to reveal our strengths. 

This version of marriage, the original creation of marriage by God, is more than just the legal contract between husband and wife.  It is the joining of man and woman as one flesh. 

Distinction in person is not lost, but together, Torrence tells the bride and groom, you are a refined creation for the glory of the Lord.  That is a wonder unlike any other.

By Lindsay

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