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Have Your Cake and They Can Too

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One of the best tricks to saving money on your wedding cake is to buy a smaller cake for presentation and a sheet cake for serving.  No guest ever has to see the sheet cake, which allows you to avoid spending on decorating that cake.  You will be able to serve a bigger group of people more cheaply and more quickly because the servers can have the cake cut and ready to go before you even cut your presentation cake.

A creative alternative to sheet cakes, however, is to use individual cakes, pies, cupcake tiers, or pastry displays at the tables.  Arranged with some accenting flowers or candles, these table cakes could serve as the centerpieces as well, saving you from having to buy expensive floral arrangements for each table.

If you are looking to save even more money, have some excellent baker friends donate their time to bake you the cakes.  Because these cakes only have to feed 8-12 people, they are manageable to bake from home without looking like a Home Ec. 101 project.

As it factors into your reception agenda, the time for cake serving would be negligible because, though many of your guests will wait until you cut your cake, you will have several tables who will carve their cakes immediately.

The other beauty of having a cake per table is that you can customize as you see fit.  At my sister’s wedding, a handful of us were gluten-free.  My sister made sure that one of the cakes near us was gluten-free, so that we could also partake in eating the wedding cake.  Whether you are accommodating food allergies or flavor preferences, you can show your guests incredible thoughtfulness by customizing the table cakes to their preferences and needs.

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Article was originally published on March 28, 2011.

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