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Honoring the Deceased

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Memorial Day reflections of those who have lost their lives for the sake of our country drives me to the thought that we should remember our beloved deceased especially when we are at milestones in our own lives.

For every victory we have, there is someone before us who paved our way, whether by forging the path or by provoking us to take an alternative route from the one they chose.  There is a legacy—emotional, physical, vocational, financial, spiritual—that has been passed on to us. 

Sometimes I think God wants us to step aside, out of the place we are standing, to look at the bigger picture.  To look at His hand in our lives.  To recognize His knitting together of our present from the pasts of those who have loved us.

As you celebrate your marriage, the new family you are creating, reflect on your current and past family whom God has used to shape you.  Especially those deceased family members who were close to you, consider recognizing at your wedding their role in your life.

I have seen candles lit on behalf of the deceased.  I have seen tables decorated with pictures or collages of the deceased.  I have even seen wedding pictures of the deceased couple cutting their wedding cake perched next to the current wedding cake. 

My favorite way to honor the deceased, however, is to say a word about them from the microphone.  My father did this at my wedding as part of his welcome.  It set the scene that my wedding was a piece of my husband’s and my family puzzles, puzzles that will hopefully continue to be put together until Christ returns.  Giving words to honor the deceased puts a story to a name, giving life through anecdote and description, even to those who never knew the person.

Who is it in your life who prayed for you, who loved you, who taught you?  If they are not there to celebrate with you at your wedding, consider inviting their memory into your celebration experience.

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