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Hymns to __ to

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For those of you who are feeling inundated with the wedding season of life, I want to offer you a simple yet significant idea for a wedding gift.  It sounds odd to be offering brides ideas for wedding gifts (especially when you come to find out they are actually baby shower gifts), but you know as well as I that your wedding probably falls in a string of your friends’ weddings. 

In addition, you might see need for this gift in your own wedding planning process and can ask a friend to make it for you.  It’s so simple; it will be no sweat off her back.

Here’s the backstory:

Somewhere at the tail-end of the wedding stage of life comes the baby shower stage.  Maybe it’s just my church, but there are baby waves where practically every woman has a baby within a week of each other.  We’re talking eight baby showers in two months.

Especially because this was happening in my newlywed stage of life where finances were newly merged and businesses were not yet established and profitable, the expense of so many baby showers meant I had to get creative.  I couldn’t afford to go to all of them with a traditional gift off the registry.

My sweet, best friend had mentioned to me back when she was pregnant that she was gathering hymns to use as quiet times with the Lord when she would be nursing.  Bingo!  That was what I decided to do.

I loved the thought of inviting someone into worship, especially a new mom who couldn’t find many moments to herself.  And I loved the idea of having the baby hear these songs of praise and humility even before he or she would know what they meant.  This CD could be a time of soaking up the presence of God–a refresher to the spirit. 

I burned the CD from my home computer, adhered a label to it, and titled it “Hymns to Nurse to.”

Together with the CD, I would write on a nice cardstock a gift certificate for free babysitting.  And I would usually try to find one other small item off the registry to round out the gift.   That was it: CD, gift certificate, and small item.  So simple and inexpensive.

The moms tended to enjoy the out-of-the-box gift, and the guests usually offered an “ooh” or and “ahh” at the usefulness of it.  One friend told me a month or two after his son was born that his wife’s routine was to sit in the rocker, press play on her CD player, put on her Boppy, and then take the baby in her arms to nurse.  I love that the CD was part of her nursing routine!

But my real reason for sharing about a baby shower gift on a bride blog is that today, three years after the baby shower, a mom came up to me and said, “I know this is random, but I just wanted to tell you how much that CD of hymns has meant to me.  I listen to it in my car every day, and I belt out the lyrics to all the songs (my poor daughter in the back seat).  I just wanted to say thank you.  I don’t remember what other people gave me, but this CD has really meant a lot to me, and I wanted you to know.” 

Three years later! 

That she would take the time to say thank you three years after the fact touched me deeply.  It proved that the gift had drawn her into worship!  My meager present brought her rich reward, which was the hope in the first place.

The truth is, I listen to this CD nearly every day too.  For me it has become “Hymns to Go to Work to.”  They let me release my work worries and just focus on the character of God with words and melodies that I don’t have to create myself.

In the same manner, this CD might come in handy for you too.  As a bride, you go through so many ups and downs of scheduling, budgeting, communicating, researching, compromising, processing, and reflecting that you might desperately need to soak up God’s presence in a time of refreshment for your spirit.  

“Hymns to Research to.”  “Hymns to Budget to.”  “Hymns to Drive to Find a Dress to.”  “Hymns to Be Cordial to My Future-In-Laws to.” 

Any time that you can worship amidst the backdrop of wedding planning is a victory because it means your focus is in the right place.  Worshipping helps to keep the wedding decisions in perspective against a glorious, victorious, merciful God who loves you more than you could ever know.  It is He Who is in control of your wedding planning and He Who will reap the glory of your intentional decisions. 

If you need to gather some hymns for yourself and don’t have time, ask someone to do it for you.  A friend will love to give you an opportunity to savor time with the Lord during your engagement.  And if you are giving hoards of bridal shower and wedding presents, consider simplifying your expenditures and putting together a “Hymns to __to” CD for your bride friend.

By Lindsay

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