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Invitations IV: Weighing the Cost

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Hopefully after reading Invitations III: Making Them Personal, your creative juices are flowing with fabulous ideas for your wedding invitations.  The next step is to weigh those options against the practical limitations you are up against: namely time and money.

If you don’t have the time to create invitations, you would be wise to delegate the task to a bridesmaid or to a professional.  Of course, outsourcing comes with additional fees, but in the peak of wedding planning, work, and life, the amount of time it would take for you to achieve the quality you desire at the quantity you need might be worth the additional cost of hiring a professional.

Separate from the opportunity cost, invitations have built in financial costs that can quickly add up.  Let’s say your guest list is 200 people, and you have found fantastic invitations online for $.50 each (believe me, that’s a steal! Most invitations are well over $1.00 each).  Right there you have $100 plus tax and shipping, which will make it about $130.

Postage for each of those invitations is at least $.46 cents a piece, which adds another $92.  If your invitations are oversized or have too many heavy inserts, the postage is more expensive.  Be sure to take an invitation to the post office to weight it for the exact postage before stamping and sending out 200 invitations.

Including a reply card with your invitations should only be done if you have pre-stamped them.  Rather than adding another $92 for reply card postage, consider using a postcard format, which would need a $.33 cent stamp on each card, adding only $66.

So my $100 invitations have now crept up to $288.  And while this is a lot of money, it is well below the average amount spent by couples on wedding invitations: $659.[1]

To save money, consider using a wedding website for your RSVPs, as well as for conveying all other wedding details.  This way you can avoid the extra costs of additional weight from inserts and additional postage for reply cards.

Article was originally published on February 25, 2011.

[1] Statistic from The Wedding Report, July 2006, as reported on The Bridal Association of America.  Averages have likely increased since 2006.

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