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Getting ready for a dinner party, I received a call from my husband, who had been assigned the task of picking out the flowers.

“Umm… what do I get?” he asked.

“I don’t know.  Anything that’s not expensive, not pink, and that comes in bunches.”

“That would be chrysanthemums or asters.”

I was so tickled that I actually knew those two flowers.  I had posted about each of those on SCB last year.  Wondering if that information had been helpful to anyone, I laughed that it had actually helped me.

“Go with the mums,” I said.

Hopefully today’s post will come to mind for you when you are planning your next dinner party or your wedding bouquet because irises are stunning.

Iris is the traditional flower of February.  Having them in the garden of my childhood home, I’ve always appreciated their bursts of royal color among the green foliage.  Until recently, however, in the age of bold-colored wedding palettes, I’ve never actually been drawn to them.  Now I can’t get enough of them.

An iris is a striking, long-stemmed, spring flower that typical comes in clean white, deep purple, or vibrant blue with a variety of popping colors in the petals.  They give height to a dramatic centerpiece, and they give boldness to a bouquet.

I’ve been loving the primary color schemes that have become popular these last couple of year, and also the deep, cool hues that make a blue bouquet the most fitting and spectacular arrangement.  But fear ye not you subtle-toned brides, irises can be arranged in warm, vintage, classic designs as well.  Check out these pictures of various iris bouquets to get your creative spark lit.

If used in a hand-tied bouquet, you can create an abstract, exotic, natural, or even feminine bouquet depending on the colors you pair with them.  “Wild Iris Wedding Bouquets” walks you through the gamut of bouquets depending on your desired effect of your color palette.

Regardless of your color tone preference, consider the iris.  It’s flirty petals and strong color might be just the details that will tie your wedding ambiance together.

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