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Joe and Josephine

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School mascots are quite the crowd pleaser at college sports games.  Who would have ever guessed that grown humans dressed up in tiger outfits, tree costumes, or Spartan gear could rally people behind a common cause with such unabashed vigor?  But they certainly do.

I went to a wedding where the same thing happened.

Not kidding. 

The reception was held at the beautiful alumni center on UCLA’s campus.  Both bride and groom had gone to UCLA, as well as many of the bridal party and guests, so Bruin nostalgia was in the air.

When the dancing was in full swing, in walked Joe and Josephine Bruin, UCLA’s beloved bear mascots.

It was awesome.  The crowd went wild, following Joe and Josephine’s lead at cheering for the bride and groom.  I don’t know how they got the two bears there, but I suppose there is always someone who knows someone who is the mascot.

There was nothing more perfect for this particular couple’s wedding celebration than bringing in two beloved symbols of cheer and victory from the couple’s mutual past (and it definitely beat shirtless guests with the bride and groom’s initial painted on their chests in blue and gold body paint).

If you met your fiancé in college or high school such that those years were pivotal ones in your relationship, then why not involve a fond aspect of school in your wedding weekend?

Photo © Antonia Rosati Wedding Photography

Article originally published on April 20, 2011.

By Lindsay

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