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Love Hard, Love Right

by admin on August 8, 2011 in Purpose, Relationship with 1 Comment

Last week I heard the most beautiful love story.  As with many demonstrations of tried and true love, this story was a phoenix rising amidst the ashes of loss. 

My friend told me of a high school acquaintance of mine whose wife had just passed away.  When the two had met and dated, he knew of her heart disease.  It had flared up and caused many a journey to the ICU during the course of their relationship.  They both knew that if they got married, their time together would be short.

They made a decision to do it right, to love hard every minute of their numbered days.

After only eight months of marriage, the wife went to be with the Lord.  I asked my friend how the husband was doing.  She said, devastated, of course, but he was so grateful for his time with her.  He was so blessed to have been loved by her.

Even as I write this, having a whole week to process and pray through this, I am overwhelmed by this story.  Love like that doesn’t come on its own.  It comes out of refinery, perspective, discipline, and humility.  It comes when God’s glory is before one’s own.

Every day since this conversation with my friend, I have chosen the perspective that today could be my last day with the love of my life.  All of the irritations, the pettiness, the selfishness seem to fall away, and I am deeply moved to make this moment count and to love without motive for myself.

I—and everyone else in the world—always want to love like this, but honestly, sometimes it takes a reality check to remind me of the value of loving selflessly and completely.

I encourage you to truly cherish your fiancé in the midst of the busyness of wedding planning.  Your wedding is just one event in your life (albeit a spectacular one); your fiancé and soon-to-be-husband is the reason why your wedding is cause for such celebration.  Take care not to reverse that perspective. 

Love hard, love right.

Photo © Andrea and Luke Kreykes, LARK Productions, featuring Eric and Teresa’s wedding (Eric and Teresa are not the bride and groom mentioned in the post)

By Lindsay
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    • Tanisha Willaims says:

      You are great Lindsay,

      I love this story, it almost brought me to tears. Reading this story just confirmed my beliefs in the power of love. It has been so refreshing reading over your post.

      XoXo Tanisha