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Marriage from Prayer, Letter 1

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What are you believing God for?  When have you persisted in prayer for something you might never see answered in your lifetime?

I want to share with you this beautiful story of a marriage that developed largely from a husband’s foresight to pray persistently for his wife even before he knew her.    To read all of Marriage from Prayer, click here.

You can use these letters to inspire your own journal of prayer for your husband or perhaps for your future children or anything else you are hoping for.

Shared with permission from Julie and Marc Davies.


Sweet, Sweet Girl,

I love you.  At the moment it’s exactly 8:30pm and I may not have even met you yet.  But I love you anyway.  You are my wife.  By the time you read this you will be.  I’m so excited to be with you.  You are Beautiful, Mysterious, Radiant, Strong, Kind, Lovely, Godly, Wise, Patient, A Great Friend, An amazing Kisser, My Lover, My Wife.  I like saying that you’re my wife.  I pray for you and for the children we shall have.  My mom once told me that she’s been praying for you since I was born.

Did I ever tell you what happened that day I started writing this?  Maybe I already have, but here it is in a summed up way:

There was a girl I liked, perhaps it was you, and we had become very good, close friends.  She reminded me of no one I had ever seen.  She was fresh and clean in my mind.  I told her I liked her and she and I talked for an hour.  If it’s you, you know what we said.  If it’s not, she prepared me for you like no one else ever had.  Be thankful for her.  She brought me closer to you and you are now my wife.  My feelings for her prompted this book.  Thank her for that alone.

The idea for this book of letters I borrowed from Rebecca St. James. She has an album with the song “Wait for Me” (which I probably own) on it.  I put the parenthesis in the wrong place, but you know I’m a little picky about proper punctuation.

Anyway, Rebecca St. James.  I wanted to read the words and pulled the jacket out of the CD.  She had the Lyrics (Beautiful), A Bible Verse (1 Timothy 4:12), and a sentence saying that she wrote the song based on letters she had written to her future husband.  I write them now to my future wife, which is weird because as you read you are my wife.

So right now I”m 26, a hopeful actor, a man who wants to buy a house, but has no idea how to do it.  I love Jesus.  He’s my everything.  I want to be so strong for you that you depend on me for prayer, scripture, strength, love, adoration, kindness, and wonderful friendship.

I love you.  I desire you.  Not just carnally.  I desire your warmth, understanding, acceptance, receptiveness, power, the way you challenge me.  I truly desire these things.  I long for your kiss.  I crave the way you hold me.  You are the most Beautiful Woman I’ve ever seen.  I can’t help but stare at you.  I’m not really staring as much as just marveling at God’s masterpiece.  You overwhelm me with your eyes.  One of my favorite verses from the Song of Songs is:  “Turn your eyes from me, they overwhelm me.”

Wow!  It’s 9:02.  32 minutes have simply flown by.  I could write of your love for hours.  I hope you are crying by the time you get to this point.  I want to overwhelm you with my love for you.

An amazing parallel is that as I write I praise you and God.  He has joined us together, so my praise to you is praise to Him.

I can still picture the girl I talked to today, but I hope in time the face becomes yours.  It will.  I know it will.  I love everything about you.  One day I will tell you specifics, but for now it’s only generalities.

I love you.  I love you.  I could love no other.

With more love than I could express on earth, I remain,

Yours forever, Marc

By Lindsay

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