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Marriage from Prayer, Letter 2

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The following is shared with permission from Marc and Julie Davies.  If you missed Letter 1, click here.  To read all of Marriage from Prayer, click here.


Sweet, Sweet Girl,                                                                        May 25, 2003

I’ve decided to write you once a week.  I hope there are hundreds (or at least 100) of these letters by the time you get them.

I look forward to our life together.  I pray for your protection.  I’m becoming pure for you.  I don’t want to look at anyone else.  I want to keep my loving eyes only for you.  I love you and God has joined us together.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

I want to see what color your eyes are.  I want to smell your hair.  I know it will be intoxication to me. The aroma of it is like the most refreshing day of rest & relaxation.

I love your heartbeat.  I could listen to it all day and all night.

I love how warm you are.  Maybe your feet get cold at night .  I love that, too.

I love your opinions about things.  You have a different perspective than I do.

I love your hands, they’re strong…and yet so soft.

I love that you love & worship Christ, and put Him way above me.

I love that you love me.  God overwhelms me with your love for me.

I want to be everything that you desire.  I hope you prayed for me, too. I want to be ready to do whatever you want.  I want to give you everything that you want me to give.  Say the words and I will transform myself into a man of action who will fight for you.

I want to protect you.  I don’t ever want you to be sad because of me.  It will happen, but know that I want to wrap my arms around you & hold you & comfort you when that happens.

I love you more everyday.  Each day new parts of your beauty are revealed to me.  Thank you, Jesus!

Yours Forever,


Here are some of [Julie’s] comments:  Yes, my feet are always cold at night so this is very, very true for me ~ Julie

My hands are very strong, but soft ~ Julie

I do believe this is true that I love & worship Christ & put Him above Marc, but what is funny is that I was not that woman back in 2003 & would not have been true for me when he wrote this entry so I see the power of this prayer in the transformation that took place later on ~ Julie

Yes, I did end up praying for my future husband, but much later than 2003 & not as beautifully or intentionally  in writing a prayer journal as Marc did ~ Julie

Some people might not like this type of expression of love, but God knew that I specifically wanted a hopeless romantic type guy like Marc deep down & would appreciate this type of prayer & poetry…sometimes when I read these letters I think he sounds like a modern-day Shakespeare kind of guy ~ Julie.

By Lindsay

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