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Marriage from Prayer, Letter 3

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The following is shared with permission from Marc and Julie Davies.  If you missed Letter 2, click here.  To read all of Marriage from Prayer, click here.


Sweet, Sweet Girl,                                                          June 3, 2003

One of my favorite things about you is that you put Christ before everything.  You pray for me and I hear the words my heart longs to receive.  Your voice is the instrument of our Lord.  Such sweet breath.  Such lovely words.  I am amazed that you, being so sweet and lovely, have chosen me to be your husband.  How grateful I am.  How wonderful you are.  How beautiful.  How excellent.  Your mind is so rich of wonder that I must explore it to capture your heart.  Your heart holds such mystery that I am enraptured by it and riveted to find out who you are in your inner most parts.  Your body is beautiful, but your heart is pure & mystical.  It holds my imagination captive.  I am a slave to you and your love.  My Lord is the supreme love of my soul, but you are my earthly love.  There is nothing that you could do or say to make me stop loving you.  If you cut me to my core and I would never rise again because of the wound I would still love you.  You were mine before we existed.  You are physically a part of me I have sought after all of my life.  How could I forget this.  Remind me when I need to be reminded.  This is my heart I have given you.  It remembers the words that have come out of it.  These words spring from my heart because it is the closest to worshipping Christ that I can come to on this earth.  I don’t want to turn you into an idol, but I love you.  I worship and praise God. He has saved my soul.  He has given you to me.  He has entrusted me to protect you.  It comes so naturally that I feel like a warrior around you.

Last night my father and I talked on the phone.  He has just moved to Arizona and his wife told him that she was ready for the adventure.  Then he told me that an adventure is only an adventure with twists & turns that are unexpected.  No one says, “Let’s go have a boring.”  Let’s go have an adventure, my lovely wife!!

Yours forever,


(Marc wrote this notebook being reminded of the scripture…”Therefore I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours ~ Mark 11:24.”  He wrote this believing he had already received this wife he desired to love and believing he would love her like he wrote.  I am thankful for these prayers because when I think about the dates that he wrote these 1st entries, I am reminded of how far away I was from the Lord at the time, living a life in complete disobedience, darkness & sin.  I am grateful that in God’s perfect timing he prepared my heart to become this woman “that put Christ before everything.”  I also can honestly say that Marc has been the husband that loves just like he wrote he would be…He has lived up to these prayers & even when I have been unlovable & sadly cut him to his core & wounded with my words he has never stopped offering love & grace just as Jesus does. He showed me who Jesus is in human form ~Julie)

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