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Married Postcards

by admin on July 19, 2012 in Communication, Gifts and Favors, Logistics, Thank You with 1 Comment

Don’t you love sifting through the plethora of credit card offers and penny saver coupons to actually find in your mail an real letter or card addressed to you?  In the normal inundation of junk mail, it’s so nice to find a hand-addressed letter from an actual person.

Your wedding has been prime opportunity to delight your guests with personal mail in their boxes, but when your wedding is over, you can create the same opportunity for yourself by giving people your new address.

Usually a bride and groom will announce their new address to their friends and family through the return address on their thank you notes or through a formal address insert into the thank you note.  Brides and grooms who have been writing thank you notes along the way might instead opt to send out a “We’ve Moved” card or highlight their new address in their Christmas cards.  Those are certainly convenient ways to update your information, but they don’t actively create opportunity for your guests to send you a note in return.

At a recent wedding, I learned a new idea.  The couple created an entryway before the ceremony location in order to funnel guests through various important items and displays.  In the entryway were the guest book, the programs, water bottles (outdoor wedding on a hot day) and various printed materials.  One of those printed materials was a postcard.

The postcard had a picture of the bride and groom and the words, “Can’t wait to hear from you!” on one side.  On the other was their pre-printed, new address.  It was so clever!

Had they just printed out new address cards for our files, I would have done exactly that—file it.  Come Christmas time, I would have appreciated having it so I could send them a Christmas card, but writing notes is not a natural thing for me to do.  I would not have thought to send them one just because.  Having a pre-addressed post card, however, is perfect.  After I update their address in my files, why would I throw away a perfectly good postcard?  All the work is already done.  All I have to do it jot down something short, stick a stamp on it, and drop it in the mail.

I know that brides (and probably grooms too) often wonder what people thought of their weddings.  After putting so much time, effort, and money into planning them, brides whisk off to their honeymoon and return a week or two later without ever hearing feedback on something that was so important to them.  Knowing that, I want to take the opportunity to tell the bride and groom what I loved about their wedding.   Maybe your guests would do the same if you gave them a married-address postcard.

Photo by me.

By Lindsay

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