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Modern-Day Slavery

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Did you know that slavery is flourishing in the underground markets worldwide today?

A high school girl gets a ride home with a boy she knows from school and from church.  Instead of taking her home, he takes her to his home where he, his brothers, and his father drug her and video tape her being raped by them.  They tell her that if she speaks of this to anyone or if she does not do what they tell her to, they will kill her family.  So night after night, they force her to sneak out of her house at midnight, they take her to pre-arranged customers, they collect money for her sexual acts, and then they drop her off to sneak back in her house at 4am.  Her parents never knew.  This is a true example of a modern-day sex slave.

A teenager who has just been asked by her parents not to come back home, reaches out on her own to modeling agents through MySpace.  She books a gig through an agent and promptly goes for her photo shoot.  It seems legit, so she goes back for a second one.  At this shoot, her agent drugs her and video tapes her doing sexual acts, so he can continually threaten her of leaking the tape and ruining her modeling career.  Sufficiently scared, she continues to do what her “agent” says.  As she continues to experience sexually explicit “modeling” gigs, and as she is forced to give large portions of her paychecks to her “agent,” her denial finally breaks and she realizes that her agent is actually her pimp.  This is a true example of a modern-day sex slave.

A boy and his brother wake up to the sounds of machine guns and wailing.  Their Ugandan village is being torn apart by a rebel army called the LRA.  Soldiers are needed and they will be taken at any cost.  The children from the village are rounded up and beaten into submission.  Once back at base camp, they are desensitized to violence by watching one of their own be slaughtered.  Then they are forced to kill and to carry on the mission of the LRA with fellow abducted child soldiers.  Even after these two brothers escaped from the LRA, they were scarred physically and mentally by the violence of abduction and killing.  This is a true story of modern-day war slaves.

A Cambodian mother, desperate to feed her family, sends her 12 year old daughter to work for an older woman who needs housework for hire.  The pay is meager, but it is something, and her family needs it to survive.  The girl resides with the woman, so she has no contact with her family.  She daily submits to the orders of the woman.  When the woman is ill, this young child gets purchased by the woman’s son.  In this new home she is beaten every time something is not to the son’s wife’s liking.  The girl cannot leave because her family will not be paid, but she is abused daily if she stays.  She labors hard from dawn to dusk at the command of her employers, her masters.  This is an example of a modern-day domestic slave.

There are 30 million slaves worldwide today (1).  Whether a family treacherously laboring under the duress of impossible financial obligations, whether a woman shipped off to a different country as a prostitute without legal documentation under the guise of being hired for a restaurant job, whether an orphan being abducted from the streets and forced to work for less money than he can live on, whether a suburban adolescent being drugged and filmed as leverage for someone to pimp her, or whether a child kidnapped by soldiers and threatened into killing for them, slavery is rampant.  It is real.  It can happen to anyone.

Check in on Friday for what is being done about modern-day slavery and how it relates to your wedding planning.

(1) Not For Sale

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