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Musing over the Music

by admin on May 2, 2013 in Music, Purpose with No Comments

Music and man have an intrinsic relationship.  Whether as a mark of victory, adoration, lament, or peace, songs tell stories and ignite or release emotions.

In reading the book of Psalms, one can see there is also an inherent connection between worship and music, which is why I believe humans are so drawn to song.  Music brings discovery and nostalgia.  The pull of a melody can captivate us and open up emotional and spiritual doors that mere spoken words cannot do.

It’s no accident that commercials use drums and trumpets to rev us up about the powerful new car that they implicitly promise will make us superior beings.  In movies, the soft, lulling strings move us to tears at the pivotal moments of heartbreak, or the thunderous orchestra ignites our adrenaline in anticipation of victory.

Music is powerful; it’s emotive; and in some ways, it’s a mirror that lets us reflect on what’s going on inside of us.  This is true for both your guests and yourselves, which is why it’s important to pray through your purposes when choosing the music for your wedding ceremony.  You have an opportunity to draw your guests into worship and reflection with your ceremony music.  You will also be establishing a cue for nostalgia in your future.

What tone do you want set at your wedding?  How can you best offer and promote worship in your music?  Which songs represent you well?

Article was originally published March 25, 2011.

By Lindsay

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