The Sweet Christian Bride


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Eric and Heather Viets, at PreEngaged, love working with Christian couples in the pre-engagement stage (serious dating/courting likely leading to engagement) or premarital stage (already engaged) of their relationship. They help couples dig much deeper than other premarital programs available to help the couple really learn about themselves, each other, and the issues that they will likely face if forming a union (as well as insight and tools on how to deal with those issues in order to avoid or work through those problems in the first five years of marriage).  They include a comprehensive interpersonal relationship assessment (The PAIR Test) as well as a self-developed battery of questions on other topics that they work through with the couple.  This is the program they wish they had when they were dating and engaged. Whether you are considering if someone is right for you or you believe you have found him or her, Eric and Heather will bring you to a level of knowing each other that will continue to bless you for the rest of your lives.

By Lindsay

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