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Proverbs 31 Wife: Endeavoring

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“She perceives that her merchandise is profitable.

Her lamp does not go out at night” (Proverbs 31:18).

Gosh, this woman is tireless!  Yet again, she is working excellently until the wee hours.  If you are like me, you might want to pack it up and call it quits on becoming a Proverbs 31 Wife.  I encourage you to stay in the race.  We have a choice to be inspired or to be bullied by her assiduous, sacrificial, enduring work ethic.  So let’s be inspired!

The very fact that this woman is able to endure in her work after the sun has gone down means that she is blessed with the luxury of candlelight.  Not every woman could afford to work after sundown.  And with that blessing, she is a faithful steward to use it for profit.1

We have so many blessings that we too can offer back to the Lord in stewardship.  Our husbands are one of those blessings.  Serving him is a privilege that we get to do.  If you don’t believe me, ask yourself if you would rather not have your husband than have him and serve him.  You get to serve him because he is your beloved!

Even everyday things that we take for granted are actually abundant blessings such as having the physical ability to be able to work.  When my friend lost her ability to swallow, I began thanking God incessantly for the ability to eat and enjoy food and drink.  I had considered swallowing to be a constant, but now I consider it a blessing in the present that might not always be there in the future.  When another friend had a plagued recovery from her knee surgery, I gained a new appreciation for my ability to walk and exercise.  Going on a jog was no longer a chore but a gift!

Using this same shift towards gratitude, what areas of work do you find laborious?  What abilities related to that work has God blessed you with today?  And what about the opportunities He has afforded you because of your work?

When we are able to view our tasks with gratitude, we are able to experience the luxury in our calling and work better for it.  We get to work!

When I’m tempted to give into frustration at the never-ending piles of laundry I have to do, I try to thank God that I have a variety of clothes.  I don’t have to wash them; I get to wash them. The same is true for the vortex of dishes.  What a bountiful food supply God has blessed me with and clean water with which to do these dishes!   Let’s be inspired by the Proverbs 31 Wife who finds luxury and blessing in her work.

Additionally, her merchandise is profitable.  Another way of looking at this is that she is valued and in demand.  One who makes a profit is one who knows the needs of people and who creates a timely and quality supply to match their demand.  This woman is savvy!

She works excellently so that her production will sell.  If we are not in sales or production, this picture might not translate to our lives as directly, but it’s a great example nonetheless.

When I fold laundry, it’s usually after waking early to write, working a full day at the office, coming home to cook dinner (and then clean the dishes), and of course getting the laundry separated and in the machine.  By that time, I don’t really care if my t-shirts are turned right side out or meticulously folded.  But I do know that my “merchandise” won’t be “profitable” if I’m sending my husband to work with wrinkled shirts, or if I push my indifference to inside-out shirts on him just because I’m tired of working.  I want him to have clean, neat clothes that are easy to put on when he is up early for work, so I endure in the task.  In other words, I want my labor to reap reward for him.

In the spiritual sense, if merchandise is the fruit of our labors, then a Proverbs 31 Wife will yield “profit” from her spiritual endeavors.  Our discipline and endurance for the Lord’s sake will always prove good, reaping rewards in heaven.2

And our lamp, being the Word of God, will never go out, even in the darkest times of our lives.3  That is a blessing beyond all luxury.  A Proverbs 31 Wife is one who has positioned her work to be illuminated by the Truth and Spirit of God.  Particularly when night comes and others choose to indulge in revelry, she chooses righteousness.  Even in the darkness, she knows her deeds will come to light and bring glory to God.

Considering verse 18 in light of the spiritual analogy behind it, we need not feel bullied by how hard this woman works (even when we apply it in the literal, practical sense) when we remember our own sweet devotion to the Lord and our desire to toil for Him in the light of His glory!

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