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Purity Ring at Your Wedding?

by admin on May 15, 2012 in Ceremony Traditions, Purity, Rings, Vows with 1 Comment

Some women have been celebrated in their teens with a purity ring.  Their fathers or their churches have elevated the status of marriage, of sexuality, and of womanhood and have offered these women a choice to uphold the sanctity of those even then as they were just teenagers.  If the women accepted this purity covenant, they were given purity rings as a reminder of their pledge. What a beautiful ceremony!

For other women, purity rings were simply a choice they made on their own.  There was no ceremony, but there was still a commitment to uphold purity as a sign of obedience to God and love for their husbands-to-be.

And some of us have no purity rings at all.  I didn’t.  It never occurred to me.  So this post might not be a great fit for you, and that’s okay.  If you are a bride who has a purity ring, however, I want to share this story with you as an example of a way to incorporate the celebration of this decision into your wedding:

“As they reached the end of the red-carpeted aisle, the pastor announced the father had a special presentation he wanted to make before releasing his daughter in marriage.  The father then walked over to a small pillow being carried by one of the ring bearers and untied a simple gold ring.  Looking straight into the groom’s misty eyes, the father held up the ring.

‘When my daughter was young, I gave her this ring as she promised to stay pure for her husband.  It is with great honor that I present this ring to you as a symbol of her commitment to you before she even knew you.’

Then, extending his hand to the groom, he gave him the ring as he let go of his daughter’s hand.”1

For some, this kind of publicity might embarrass you more than honor you.  If so, you can discard the suggestion.  But for those of you who find a beauty in letting your marriage vows be the fulfillment of your pre-marital purity commitment, you might consider an element of ceremony of this kind throughout your wedding weekend.

Maybe you give your husband your purity ring on the wedding night, keeping the ceremony private yet no less significant.  Or maybe it is part of a toast to your spouse at the rehearsal dinner.  Or maybe you simply move that ring to your other hand as a reminder to remain pure in your marriage bed.

Regardless of what kind of ceremony you choose, faithfully fulfilling a commitment for sexual purity (especially in this day and age) deserves celebration.

Terkeurst, Lysa.  Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl. Zondervan.  Grand Rapids, MI, 2009.  Pp 207-208.

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