The Sweet Christian Bride

Featured Vendor: Chelsea Leah Flowers

SCB:  What first sparked your love for flowers?

Chelsea Leah: Well, I have always loved going outside and exploring, because I see God in the creation around us, and nature reveals so much about His character and His love for us.  Just look at how beautiful everything is . . . especially flowers!  From a very young age, anytime there were flowers brought to our house, I would take them apart and re-arrange them a bunch of times, because I loved designing my own arrangements with the raw materials. I have always been artistic and had a passion for creating things.

SCB: Working with God’s creation all day, do you find that your business allows for opportunities to worship while you work?

CL: Absolutely!  Not only because flowers are beautiful and they speak of how important beauty is to God and should be to us, but working on a wedding and (i.e.) designing 20 of the same centerpieces (which makes my mind go on autopilot, haha!), allows me time to listen to worship music and sing along, so I am always grateful for the time to worship and design at the same time!

SCB: Have you had any defining moments with your clients that have shown you God’s hand on your business?

CL: Yes, I try my best to work faithfully and cheerfully in my business, and I pray that people would be touched by God through meeting me and working with me.  It’s especially rewarding when a client communicates to me that I have helped the planning process and the wedding day to be much less stressful and more enjoyable, because I know that is God is working and using my business to bless people!

SCB: I’ve never seen a florist offer do-it-yourself trainings.  Genius!  What made you develop this option for your clients? 

CL: I had a lot of friends and many young clients, who were paying for their own weddings.  They all had one thing in common: lots of friends and family who were willing to help!  So that option was designed specifically for couples who need a price break.  And it works out great for me, because I have fun teaching the classes and overseeing friends and family as they learn about flowers, and I don’t have to hire people to work for me!  The cool thing about that option is that I usually get volunteers who are committed and very excited for the bride and groom, so they are willing to work hard, and they always share funny stories about my clients, so we have a great time!  I love making my business more relationally oriented, because it is much more enjoyable when everyone can be involved and work as a team!

SCB: What is the strangest request you have ever received from a bride and groom?  Were you able to make it happen?

CL:  Wow, that’s a good question!  I have not had many strange requests design-wise, but from a business perspective, there was once a bride who was a hair stylist and asked me to buy all the flowers and hard goods with her wholesale license (issued for hair products only), because she didn’t want to pay sales tax.  So, obviously, I was not able to make that happen, but rather, I told her, “Sorry, that’s illegal!” Haha. You win some, you lose some, I guess, but in my opinion, that’s a great reason to lose a client! (:

SCB: In addition to being an exceptional florist, you are also a beautiful singer.  Tell us about that.  Have you ever had an opportunity to combine the two talents: floral design and singing?

CL: Well thanks! I do love to sing, and I recently came out with an album in December, under my real name, Chelsea Moon.  My middle name is Leah, that’s why I named the business Chelsea Leah Flowers.  Well, I of course always sing when I am designing, because singing is always a part of my day, no matter what I am doing (:  But I actually designed flowers for one of my best friend’s weddings, last year, in New York, and I was also a bridesmaid and I sang at the ceremony and reception!  That was one of the busiest weeks of my life, but it was lots of fun! They called me the flower-designing singing bridesmaid!

SCB: How does your faith in Christ shape your business model and/or your customer service?

CL:  That’s a great question, and YES, my faith in Christ has a huge part in my business.  I have strong convictions about good work ethic, being honest, committed,  and reliable, and also about trying my best to reflect the Lord in the way I deal with my clients, and also in the product that I deliver to them. I think as Christians, it’s important to work with excellence in all that we do and be flexible and gracious with people.  It’s been really cool to even pray with some clients who are believers and have that fellowship, celebrating the picture of marriage from an eternal perspective, when Christ returns for His bride.  My favorite weddings are always the ones that not only have beautiful flowers, but where the bride and groom want Christ to be glorified in their special day.

SCB: Is there anything else about you or your business that you would want a potential client to know?

CL:  Well, as a consolation to those wondering how they can afford flowers at all, I try to work within any budget, and I really love to build a relationship with my clients, so that I can find ways to take the stress of their shoulders.  I know how stressful a wedding can be, and I think it is important to be relaxed and enjoy it, no matter what!