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Featured Resource: Christian Weddings: Resources to Make Your Ceremony Unique

Christian Weddings: Resources to Make Your Ceremony Unique

by Andy Langford

Summary: Christian Weddings is a collection of resources for a Christian wedding ceremony.  Written by a pastor, this short book is rife with easy-to-navigate selections from which to personalize your own wedding ceremony regardless of your denomination.  The introduction even walks the reader through the how-to’s of planning a ceremony, including an explanation of what the marriage ceremony signifies.  This quick read is invaluable for couples who do not already know what elements comprise a Christian wedding ceremony and/or which selections to use.

Features: The selections are pulled from various Catholic and Protestant denominations and are cataloged into the following ceremony aspects: gathering, greeting, charge to bride and groom, declaration of consent, presentation, response of the families, opening prayer, Scripture lessons, hymns, Psalms, intercessory prayer, vows, rings, unity candle, declaration of marriage, blessing, The Lord’s Prayer, communion, and dismissal.  Each category begins with an explanation of what that ceremony aspect is and examples of scripts that can be used for that.

Value: For first-time brides and grooms, knowing the elements of a Christian wedding ceremony is not all that common.  Having it all spelled out in simple terms and in few pages makes learning about the ceremony hassle-free.  Additionally, the bride and groom have the benefit of sorting through traditional selections and scripts that will allow the couple to join other couples in the church who have used those same standard selections.  At the same time, choosing out of those traditional selections, the couple will also have a truly unique ceremony.