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Featured Resource: For Women Only

For Women Only:

What You Need To Know about the Inner Lives of Men

By Shaunti Feldhahn

Summary: You know those secrets about men that you’ve always wanted to know and those mysteries about how they are wired that you just couldn’t solve?  Shaunti Feldhahn asked them for us.  For Women Only is her compilation of interviews with over a thousand men.  She’s tallied and categorized their answers to give us women a general insight into how men work.

Value: What I love about this book is that I receive the revelation that comes from someone’s candor without the humiliation that can come from demanding the answers myself.  Under the umbrage of anonymity, these men could give truthful answers without fear of their wives’ responses.

Hearing the cries of these men’s hearts gave me a stark perspective change as to how I see men, especially my husband.  Such a revelation can cause a woman’s heart to break for the many times she’s gotten it wrong with her beloved man, but Feldhahn writes with a voice of encouragement that fosters excitement in the reader, not fear or condemnation.  It is exciting to know our husbands better and to see with a fresh perspective how we can speak into their hearts to build them up.

You might already know some of the basic male insights such as that men need respect, that they are insecure, that they desire to provide, that they want a ton of sex, and that they are visual creatures.  But can you actually speak to what the layers are beneath those characteristics?

And lest a woman feel embittered that her man doesn’t have a similar book to teach him the encyclopedia of her heart, fear not.  Feldhahn and her husband co-wrote For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women.

Highlights: Some of the most common fights in marriage center on unequal demand for sex, lack of romance, and the absence of love and respect.  Feldhahn explores what sex actually means to a man and what that means for the woman.  She translates what it means if a man isn’t living up to a woman’s standards in the romance department.  She also helps to navigate through the common core issue of love and respect.  How’s that for piquing your interest?

Rating: 5 stars. It’s quick.  It’s research-driven.  It’s life-changing.  If you can read this book and break or establish some habits accordingly during your engagement, then you will be in a solid position for marriage.  If you are already married, this book hits the spot when you are a couple years in (or the equivalent time frame in your marriage) and having those adjustment issues.  You know, the first year was easy because you were expecting change, but the next years came with really figuring out what it meant to be one flesh through your daily routines in and out of the house.  This book can help to make those adjustment issues less combative and more constructive.