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Featured Resource: The Purposed Bride

The following review is written by Jay and Katherine Wolf.

The Purposed Bride

By Lindsay Tracy Hall

Summary: The Purposed Bride is the natural overflow of the lovely insights from the blog “The Sweet Christian Bride” by Lindsay Hall.  It is such a welcomed next step for Lindsay’s work to be encapsulated into this new format for quicker digestion and easy gifting to any bride. The Purposed Bride is truly a great and even necessary read for the wedding-planning bride-to-be or for any woman who even has a desire to be married one day.  In fact, the rich wisdom coupled with pragmatic advice could likely change the seeming downward spiral in which we find marriage today.  If couples had a more Christ-centered, prayer-soaked, and intentional approach to planning the start to their marriage—the wedding day—as outlined out in this book, then they would likely find that same mindset carrying over into their actual marriages.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  Well, this book may help play an important part in changing the hearts and marriages of couples desiring to model Christ in their relationships.

Value: The Purposed Bride is very approachable—its format and length make it possible to be read by even the most frazzled “bridezilla.”  That user-friendliness may be its greatest value, for within this seemingly unassuming little wedding book lies thought-provoking and potentially transformational questions and insights to encourage the full spectrum of brides.  The book is broken down into four larger categories which sum up the wedding planning process: “Purpose, Planning, People, Paired”.  Within those categories there are multiple sub-categories which are each discussed using a very solid structure: “Principle – Personality in Practice – Picture – Prayer”.  This structure was extremely helpful to truly in-take the solid tidbit of wisdom found in each and every section.  Moreover, the bullet pointed advice and the specific prayer for each section worked wonderfully as a whole to more fully communicate these ideas and put them into heart, mind, and practice.  The wedding planning process so often inundates brides with mixed messages and loads of confusing information, and the simplicity and of this book is a great answer to that.

Highlights: In general, I resonated with the idea that every interaction, relationship, and moment of planning a wedding is an opportunity to worship the Lord.  We know that deep down, but for some reason, when it comes to weddings, even the most Christ-focused among us can so easily fall victim to the ways of the world in our spending or in the breakdown of family relationships or in our disappointment at unmet expectations.  I especially loved the attention directed to the wedding vendors, who can almost garner the role of wedding nemesis in the bride’s mind, chipping away at her precious budget.  Re-directing our natural propensity to want to be honored, the idea presented here is to honor your vendors through the great integrity of your interactions with them so that they may see the extravagant love of God through you.  Changing that mindset not only models Christ but would be an amazing way to counterbalance the inevitable self-focus mentality that can overtake any bride.  It was so refreshing to hear that truth spoken and spoken again, like a thread running through every page.  Marriage is a picture of Christ and the church, and all the pieces that make up marriage and the ceremony and the planning of it should likewise be a picture of Christ—simple, but profound.

Rating: 5 stars.  I wish I had been given such a book when planning my own wedding.  It would have prevented some of the pitfalls I faced in the process and would have created a more peaceful wedding day and more importantly, more peace in the months preceding it.  I would gladly give this book to any bride-to-be or woman with an inkling of a wedding in her future.  In fact, I think reading this book sooner than later, even before engagement, would be greatly beneficial to helping form a more God-glorifying intentionality to the wedding-planning process, which ultimately will create a God-glorifying wedding and marriage.

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Katherine & Jay Wolf are parents, artists, communicators, and survivors. After meeting at and graduating from Samford University in Alabama, they got married and moved to Los Angeles to pursue law school for Jay and the entertainment industry for Katherine. Their son James was born in 2007 and six months later, Katherine’s life nearly ended with a catastrophic stroke. Miraculously she survived and continues her recovery to this day. They share their story and on-going progress on their blog, Hope Heals. Katherine, Jay, James, and John reside in Atlanta, Georgia.